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Music Men Enterprise’s collective group of engineers, artist, and consultants can create a comprehensive design package for any venue. Using the mediums of audio, video and lighting technologies we are able to maximize the sensory impact of any venue.

Every detail from design, installation, implementation and maintenance from each of the separate but important systems which include, audio, video and lighting, will be accurately utilized to enhance and maximize a seamless convergence of these technologies to provide patrons to your venue an unparalleled audio and visual sensory experience.

Music Men Enterprises goes to great length to work with architects and designers to ensure that each system functions in its specific environment with special consideration for preserving the venues overall aesthetics as well as maximizing the performance of our entertainment technology systems. Recent projects include high profile nightclubs in Miami, Colombia, and the Caribbean.

Music Men Enterprises will consider any project we believe can be enhanced employing our expertise in design and installation, this may include the use of a venues previously acquired equipment. We are not averse to concept of merging pre-existing equipment with newer technologies to upgrade or improve an entertainment system. As business owners ourselves, we fully understand the concept of budget constraints and attempt to work within your limits to provide you with the very best performance at competitive pricing. Along with many avenues for procuring equipment we are also direct distributors for many of the product lines we incorporate in our installations and in our own sound, lighting and video production inventory.

The proper installation of any entertainment system is crucial in obtaining optimal performance levels as well as maintaining proper operational functionality and long term reliability. Music Men Enterprises prides ourselves on our installations and maintenance programs which will undoubtedly prolong the individual components of any entertainment system and minimize and or prevent costly reoccurring issues. This service includes regularly scheduled maintenance as well as the possibly introduction of newer technologies to elevate the entertainment system to higher standards. Music Men Enterprises is your solution for audio, video and lighting concerns. Contact us for a no-obligation review of your current situation.

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Music Men Enterprises can offer you many options utilizing our professional Disc Jockeys for your next event, we can handle anything from small social gatherings to lavish weddings and corporate events.

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